New Photo Gallery on Website

We are very excited to bring a new page to our website filled with nothing but user submitted photos on and around the property. This can be anything from nature photos (The pond, geese, ducks, other birds, etc.), spectacular weather related photos (i.e. sunrise, sunsets, storms, etc.), special events (i.e. Annual Huber Heights Fireworks display at Cloud Park) and special projects on and around the property (i.e. Repainting of the entire property, before and after type photos, etc.). We will have more information soon on how you can submit your own photos to us for a chance for it to appear on our website!

The photo gallery page is brand new as of Tuesday, May 05, 2015 and as of this time is still under heavy construction to get it fully functional, so please be patient as we add more and more photos and slideshows!

To view this new page, you can navigate to it from any page on the website by clicking on the “Photo Gallery” link found on the left, on the navigation menu or by simply clicking here!

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