New Temporary Office Hours until January 2, 2017


Our office hours will temporarily be changed until January 2, 2017. Residents should have already received notices on their door mail clips with additional information for the reason of the temporary changes.

The office will (temporarily) be closed on Monday’s until January 2, 2017. We are also still closed on Sunday’s per our standard operating hours schedule.

During this time, mail and packages delivered to the office will also be unavailable for pickup until Tuesday morning.

We will still have regular business hours Tuesday through Saturday, however.

Maintenance will still be on hand on Monday’s and can assist with maintenance related issues on property.Please simply call the office and leave a message or you can also email the office. Messages will be checked often throughout the day on Monday and any maintenance requests will be passed on to our maintenance team.

Also, be aware of the upcoming holiday’s and reflected business hours set for the holiday week as they will also be changed for Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. The office will be closing early on Wednesday, November 23 at 11:00 AM. We will then be closed for Thanksgiving break and will not be back open until Tuesday, November 29. However, maintenance will be on hand on Monday, as mentioned in the above paragraph.

Search engines, including Google, have been updated to reflect the temporary office hours as well to assist and not to confuse anyone further.

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the office.


Contact Info:

The Village at Cloud Park

3839 Cloud Park Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45424
Office: (937) 233 - 5600
Fax:     (937) 233 - 5665