Pool is now OPEN for 2017

As of Monday afternoon, May 15, 2017, our community pool is now open for our residents!

Just a reminder, per your lease agreement and community policy, you are allowed up to 2 guests (non-residents) per household. No exceptions. Those guests MUST be here WITH you at the pool, otherwise they will be told to leave right away. Repeat offenders of guests/nonresidents not here with a resident may be trespassed from our property and/or may violate your lease agreement which can lead up to eviction if it becomes a continuous lease agreement violation.

Lastly, we have created new “pool passes” this year instead of the keychain style. Each resident was given 2 pool pass bands and they MUST be WORN if at the pool. This allows more convenience so you do not have to carry the keychain with you and hassle to get it if you are asked by staff for your pass for proof of residency. Guests do NOT need to wear the band so long as they with you as per the policy (see above paragraph as well). If you require more than the two bands (up to four per household) you may come to the office during business hours to pick them up.


Pool is now open

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