Pool Rules Reminder

Pool Rules

As a reminder, we strive to keep the pool available to our residents who live here at The Village at Cloud Park apartments. Please remember the following most important rules of the pool and the pool area:

  • The pool is for current residents of The Village at Cloud Park apartments only, however,
    • Per your lease agreement and pool rules, you may have up to 2 guests at the pool, but they MUST be with a current resident in the pool area at ALL TIMES
      • You are responsible for your guests with you at all times.
  • You MUST always have your issued “Pool Pass” with you at all times at the pool and while in the pool area.
    • We do regular checks by having staff ask to see your “Pool Pass” during all open hours, even when the office is not open
      • If you do not have your pass with you and you are a resident, you are still subject to being told to leave to get your pool pass before you can continue staying in the pool area.
  • The pool is closed for each night at 10:00 PM and during severe weather in the area. Generally the pool gate will always be locked during these times, but in some rare cases, even if it is still unlocked after hours, you are not to be inside as it is closed.
    • If any person is found inside the pool area after hours (overnight) and not a resident, you will have immediate criminal trespass charges filed against you. If you are a resident, you are subject to lease violations and could face penalties as well.

Any person that is not a resident or is not here with a current resident will be told to leave and are subject to being trespassed from the entire property, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 2911.21 and are subject to being criminally charged for Criminal Trespassing. We take this issue very seriously for nonresident visitors in the pool and do have staff onsite that will strictly enforce all of the above rules, including but not limited to contacting Dayton Police to respond and trespass you from the property and/or charge you for Criminal Trespassing.

Please remind your friends and family of the above rules in that YOU as a resident must be present at the pool in order for them to be in the pool area, as this also has been an issue this year that we will not tolerate.

Thank you for your continued understanding. Should you have any further questions about these or other pool rules, please contact the office.

Contact Info:

The Village at Cloud Park

3839 Cloud Park Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45424
Office: (937) 233 - 5600
Fax:     (937) 233 - 5665