Rental Application


Application Fee: Our Application Fee is $50.00 and non-refundable. The fee is due at the time your application is submitted for processing. Because there are no exceptions, please review our qualifications carefully, making certain to the best of your knowledge, you will meet the qualifications stated.

Residential History: Present and previous rental or mortgage history (within the last 3 years) must report no more than three (3) late or NSF payments within a twelve (12) month period. Sufficient notice being given when vacating, and no disruptive behavior and no damage to property at move-out. Any Applicant with an eviction, foreclosure or forcible detainer within the last twelve (12) months will not be approved.

Employment: All Applicants must have stable employment and be able to furnish acceptable proof of income. Acceptable forms of proof include: two(2) most recent pay stubs, employment offer letter on company letterhead, or current W-2’s. Monthly rent cannot exceed 30% of gross monthly income. Allowances from scholarships, study subsidies, child support/alimony and/or any inconsistent income such as commissions or tips must have written verification.

Credit/Criminal History: All applicants must have a satisfactory credit rating. Empirica Score must be 650 or higher (effective 1-2-2019). Any applicant with a bankruptcy within the last two (2) years, will not be approved. An Applicant with a credit report containing more than 20% derogatory trade lines will not be approved. A criminal background check will be conducted on every applicant. If there is any information you would like to share with us beforehand, please do so at the time of submitting your application. Felony charges will be reviewed on an individual basis and any felony conviction may be denied at management’s sole discretion.

Co-signers: Co-signers may be considered in the event the applicant is low on income. Co-signers will not be considered if an applicant’s credit does not meet requirements or has a poor rental history.

All undergrad students and foreign exchange students must have a cosigner.

Your next steps…

Make sure you have a program installed on your computer that can open PDF files. If not, click button below to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

  • Click Here to Open/Print out the Application
  • Fill out the entire application (Correctly)
    • You can fill it out in Adobe then print and sign or otherwise print and write in all details and sign.
  • Print and Fax Payment Form (Instructions below) OR attach a $50.00 NONREFUNDABLE check or Money Order payable to: The Village at Cloud Park
  • Fax, Email (using the form below or our “Contact Us” form) or send by Postal Mail your payment and application to:

The Village at Cloud Park
3839 Cloud Park Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45424

Note: This does NOT mean that you are qualified for an apartment. This will just speed up your application process. Any false or incorrect information will terminate the process of this application.

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact the leasing staff at 937-233-5600.

The Village at Cloud Park will notify you upon receiving the application.

If you would like to upload your COMPLETED application (once you have saved/printed the documents on your computer and fill it out fully) as well as a payment authorization form (if applies) as well as any other documents you may wish to send or have been asked to send, you may fill out the short form below and it will send to us electronically. Otherwise, you may email it to us directly on your own or use the other methods mentioned above.

Electronic Application Submission (Cloud Park)
This form is only used to upload and send us a COMPLETED application and/or payment authorization form to us and not to be used as a general contact form. If you wish to contact us about anything other than submitting an application, please go to our Contact Us page.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please attach the completed application form in this file upload box. For the payment authorization form, please upload that in the next box below.
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Please attach the completed payment authorization form in this file upload box.